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Big Picture Thinking
"Big Picture Thinking" is a seminar that teaches you to see the same "Big Picture" that CEOs and Senior Managers see as they plan their work and solve problems. Designed to assist supervisors and managers to become senior managers and executives by incorporating Dennis' years of experience as a business executive and his "Business Motivational Art" into an entertaining and thought provoking environment. The seminar is based on the book "CEO Thinking" by Dennis Clark.

Dennis Clark Modern Art
"Dennis Clark Modern Art" is a collection of Dennis' artworks consisting of: The Modern Art Collection - Colorful, Thought Provoking, and Humorous Intended as Decor for Modern Furnished Homes, Apartments and Offices; The Business Motivational Art Collection - Focused on Providing "Top of Mind Awareness" as to the Most Important Concepts for Success in Business - Intended for Display in an Executive's Office, Other Business Locations and Home; The Lucite Artwork Collection - The first Artwork done years ago were all in Lucite and were very well received; and The Sculpture Collection - Each Has a Meaning, Which Can Be Usually Discerned by the Works Title.

Buy Dennis Clark's 7x9 Screen print on white metal mounted on a Piano Black 1" wood backing with Beveled edges on eBay.