Dennis Clark Motivational Art


Dennis was a successful businessman - but he was also a ‘want to be artist’ constrained by his desire to make an assured living! So his involvement with art over the years has been intermittent! In 1975 his first two artworks won a local competition and he was awarded show space at the prestigious deLigny Gallery, on Las Olas Boulevard, in Fort Lauderdale.

Over the next 25 years most artworks reflected important business concepts abstracted into colorful modern art. Those artworks emphasized traits and principles necessary to advancement in business. A few of those artworks are exhibited below:

"Dennis Clark Business Motivational Art"
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Current Art

Since the year 2000, Mr. Clark has created 50 additional artworks that have nothing to do with business. They are colorful images appropriate to display in modern homes, lofts and condominiums. Inspiration for most were ‘seminal moments’ in his life or that of his close friends - like "Anchorman", capturing the moment before the final leg of an 800 meter championship relay. Most other more recent artworks also address important memories captured in color and abstract. Each has a meaning, which can be usually discerned by the works title! Those artworks can be found on Dennis Clark Modern Art website.

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