The ‘Non-Profit Protector’ was developed to provide Non-Profit Executives with a systematic way to recurringly reevaluate the most significant risks in the major business functions under their control. Policies addressing the business side of an agency's operations are the starting point. The addition of comprehensive job descriptions and regular risk reviews makes this system ‘active’. Policy areas addressed are as follows:

By-Laws & Governance Policies

  • By-Laws specifics are carried over from current agency By-Laws
  • Governance Policies are comprehensive, They address numerous potentially difficult situations not typically addressed in agency By-Laws
  • Governance Policies improve communications between administrative staff and the board as potentially problematic situations are pre-addressed by board consensus
  • Governance Policies include all major IRS Form 990 Guidelines
  • Governance Policies inform and commit the board as well as administration. Important decisions are consistent year to year

Accounting & Purchasing Policies

  • Accounting Policy alternatives are provided for small and large agencies
  • These policies improve basic internal controls
  • They establish dollar thresholds, affix responsibilities by position titles and address segregation of duties
  • Policies provide basis for training new employees to these functions
  • Policies review by staff, annually, ensures employee knowledge of specific controls in these critical areas
  • Policies are an assist to CPA/Auditors in their Risk Assessments
  • Purchasing Policies specify authorities and specific protocols
  • Together, these policies support board due diligence related to the board's fiscal responsibilities

Insurance Coverage Policies

  • Assure board knowledge of all classes of coverage and dollar amounts
  • Provide a number of important proactive stipulations

Safety & Emergency Preparedness

  • Staff safety is improved through policies, semi-annual training agendas and action sheets for each type of emergency
  • Provides numerous important protective stipulations

Policies In Writing

This Program Trains Administrative Staff To Recognize Major Risk Exposures Through The Related Risk Review Process. Policies In Writing And In Use Can Result In D&O Insurance Discounts With Certain Insurers.